Quality Control
Scrupulous care and control is taken by Atlas in all aspects of quality control at all levels of operations.

Atlas has a very comprehensive Concrete Quality Control system in place ensuring that the necessary quality checks are carried at all stages of the production process for delivering quality concrete.

Atlas Quality Control Personnel exert their continued and best efforts, aided by modern equipment and up-to-date technology to meet International Quality Standards. Emphasis is placed on cost effectiveness, enhanced safety, durability and simplicity of all quality control measures.
Performed Sieve Analysis Test to ensure the quality of aggregate
Atlas policy is that staffs engaged with concrete production are all trained for carrying out their tasks. Staff training needs are assessed and training provided.

Atlas has the resources to compete with any product of International Standard, ensuring our products comply with durability, workability and strength to meet your specific requirements.
Preparation of Cube for Compressive Strength Test
Raw Material
ARC uses the best available raw material from the best possible sources for its products. Aggregates are brought from the most reliable quarries & crushers, ensuring its gradation & quality.

Coarse & fine aggregates are tested in accordance with ASTM standards before use. Cement from Falcon cement is used. Its OPC & SRC complies with Pakistan Standards (PSS 232-1983 & PSS 612-1989) but both cements also surpass British Standard (BS 12:1978 & BS 4027-1980 respectively). A full range of Admixtures are used that offer maximum flexibility in mix specifications which will be easy to finish and develop the strengths required. Admixtures are from reputed manufacturers like Fosroc.
Performed Compressive Strength Test on the Site
Concrete Tests Performed
Following tests are performed on concrete:
1. Aggregate Soundness & Abrasion
2. Elongation and Flakiness Index
3. Specific Gravity and Absorption
4. Petrography (aggregate)
5. Gradation (aggregate)
6. Chemical/Organic Impurities
7. Fineness Modulus (FM)
8. PH (water)
9. TDS Sulphate and Chloride
10. Organic Impurities (water)
11. Initial & Final Set (admixture)
12. Compressive Strength (admixture)
13. Fineness & Soundness (cement)
14. Initial and Final Set (cement)
15. Alkali Content (cement)
16. Briquette test (cement)
17. Air Content (concrete)
18. Compacting Factor (concrete)
Determined Setting Time of Test
Finished Products
ARC provides a wide variety of mix designs are available for concrete products with compressive strengths ranging from 1000 psi to 8,000 psi Mix designs are prepared in accordance with International Standards. Our aim is the satisfaction of clients and the development of the construction industry. Poring of Concrete in Progress